What is EMS?


WIEMSpro revolutionizes the concept of professional electrostimulation thanks to an innovative technology which allows the user to live an unprecedented sporting experience in complete freedom. A featherweight, wireless concept and a high-end positioning that is attracting more and more women and men anxious to tone their figure, athletes looking to increase their performance or maintain their muscles during the period convalescence, and seniors wishing to maintain their muscular integrity.

In addition, WiemsPro equips you with quality technology and accessories. In fact, thanks to the Wiemsplayer application, coaches will have easy to use and effective tools to facilitate pleasant sessions. This app provides real-time information on activation levels, heart rate, number of repetitions and remaining time. The clean, clear presentation lets you see all the information at a glance!


The outfit – consisting of a vest, extensions for the arms, thighs and sometimes the calves, and a generator controlled in Bluetooth by an iPad -, equipped with cutting-edge avant-garde technology, receives and transmits highly precise and varied contractile information, via 18 to 20 conductive patches, placed on the quadriceps and hamstring, gluteal, abdominal, dorsal (trapezius, dorsal and lumbar), pectoral, biceps and triceps areas. A multitude of agonist and antagonist muscles are thus electrostimulated on demand by low frequency pulses, and more than 300 of them are used in a single session!


Aimed at the whole body, painless low frequency pulses allow your muscles to work dynamically. This type of training multiplies by 18 the results obtained with simple conventional weights! A 20-minute session is equivalent to 4 hours of intensive sport thanks to our professional electrical stimulation equipment.


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